Seller Representation

With offices in Blanco, Johnson City and Fredericksburg and a fleet of 4×4 trucks, SUVs, jeeps and top of the line ATV’s, we have the manpower and horsepower to give a prospective buyer a thorough tour of your ranch at a moment’s notice should the opportunity arise. We are in the prime of our real estate careers and your satisfaction in addition to achieving top dollar for your ranch are our primary objectives.

Value Assessment

We track and monitor public and private land sale activity throughout the Central Texas Hill Country region by closely networking with title companies, appraisers, lending institutions, providing us the data to efficiently and accurately determine realistic and/or optimistic land values for our clients.

Buyer Representation

Our extensive knowledge of the central Texas Hill Country land market is unparalleled and we are uniquely qualified to represent individuals, families, corporations, and institutional landowners in their search for properties that best suit their requirements. However, we do not represent small tract land developers.

Ranch Enhancement For A Premium Value

We will assist landowners in the restoration of their property to its most desirable appearance and functionality. This provides the opportunity to then market that property at maximum value in its entirety or in divided, large parcels. Should the landowner desire, we can assist in the process of permanent protection from small tract subdivision or other development using covenants or conservation easements.

Private/Discreet Transactions

Not every seller wishes for a highly visible, public marketing process of their property. We can arrange for a quick, efficient, confidential purchase of all or part of your property at a negotiated price.

1031 Exchange

Rolling over income from the sale of one property to another may provide a major tax advantage. Transactions like this require extreme care. It's a fast-paced process that requires precision, attention to detail, and knowledgeable representation that has done this before. We have the experience and know-how to bring a 1031 Exchange across the finish line.

Mapping/GIS Services

Anders Realty provides land owners with detailed maps that beautifully visualize property conditions and patterns. Our custom maps are used to describe ownership boundaries, ground cover, roads, topographical features, streams, rivers, ponds, and soil types. Our in-house GIS Guru, Kelly Lange, can create a custom mapping solution to fit your needs. She is also the engine behind our Listings Overview/Interactive Map and our impressive ranch listing packets, which are custom-built for each property.

Since Kelly’s start at Anders Realty in April 2017, she has worked alongside Jeremy Lacy to design our ranch listing material and ranch mail-out material. We are grateful for all the brilliant ideas, ingenuity and technology Kelly brings to our company and are excited to introduce her "digital flipbooks" to our ranch marketing material, which provides us the ability to share each of our listings digitally on popular social media and also to track property activity from prospective buyers.